A Painted Man

A Painted Man

We steal 30 seconds with fashion’s bad boy muse of the moment, Jimmy Q, to talk tats and regrets

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I was 14 when I got my first tattoo...I’ve never got into trouble because my tattoos, but its been close a few times.

Any favourites?
I do have a favorite tattoo...it has to be the one on my neck...just because everyone gets to see it. I also have a secret skull tattoo hidden in an owl’s chest on my left arm.

Do you ever get tattoo envy?
Tattoo envy…um not really. I get a bit jealous of people with amazing art but I still have a lot of room ...although I definitely look up to Mark Mahoney, he is king.

You draw tattoos yourself ‑ what inspires you?
I’ve been tattooing for 5 years ‑ I started as an apprentice in Hollywood, California and worked at it for years. My favourite designs to draw are beautiful women and flowers ‑ anything pretty. I’ve got tons of designs in the pipeline. I’ll never stop getting tattoos, even if I have to laser some off to make space for new ones...haha.

Jimmy Q is on the books at selectmodel.com


Once the preserve of hell’s angels and ex-cons, tattoos have shed their tramp stamp stigma and a whole host of tasteful adornments and body modifications on offer are super-desirable. We seek out three of the coolest tattoo boutiques in around the world:

The Family Business, Exmouth Market
Nestled in the heart of Exmouth Market, this tattoo parlour prides itself on its bespoke approach to body art with custom made designs according to each customer’s specifications. Thefamilybusinesstattoo.com

Three Kings Tattoo, Brooklyn
This Brooklyn parlour is co-owned by tatt maestros Matty No Times, Myles Karr and Alex McWatt - the three kings of the title. Many of their 12 resident artists have a waiting list that stretches three months and designs range from classic skulls to Tim Burton style creations. Threekingstattoo.com

AKA, Berlin
Billed as a private gallery space and body modification atelier, AKA strives to present a new vision of body art, exploring innovative methods and ideas to maximise creativity. Most of AKA’s artists don’t have a traditional tattoo background, having previously been screen printers, painters and street artists. Akaberlin.com

  • Words: Catriona Taylor