Seeing Double

Seeing Double

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Someone not only out to steal your life, but to actually live it better than you.

Following 2010’s hugely successful Submarine, Richard Ayoade’s second directorial effort, The Double, is a slick rework of a Dostoevsky novella of the same name. It charts the mundane existence of the dull but likeable Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg at his nerdy best) whose life slips by as he spends his days in a thankless job moping after a girl who doesn’t even know he exists – Hannah, played by the beautiful Mia Wasikowska who is rumoured to be Jesse’s real life girlfriend.

But the humdrum comes to a halt when James Simon starts at the firm (cue a deliciously different turn from Mr Eisenberg). Not only do he and Simon share a name, they look identical. Except James is funnier, cuter and smarter – or so he’ll have everyone believe, including the smitten Hannah. With a stellar cast (nearly every face is instantly recognisable) and a brilliantly dystopian setting, this disturbing doppelganger tale will leave you wondering what if it happened to you…




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